Bluejay Diagnostics Stock Is On A Rally Today With No News

Bluejay Diagnostics is based in the United States, aiming to improve patient outcomes with a more cost-effective and faster patient-friendly product for triage, diagnosis, and monitoring of disease progression. Interestingly, now the company is developing a platform for determining Symphony biomarkers for detecting cancer, sepsis, etc. Currently, the company’s stock price is rapidly boosting to $2.8301 by a 3% profit. And let’s take a look at the monthly chart: the price has reached its peak on December 21 by composing $3.4700, however, later, it commenced sinking to almost $2.5300.

Bluejay Diagnostics

On January 5, Mark Feinberg, MD, became the new Chief Medical Consultant that will be responsible for Bluejays clinical development projects and will notify strategic medical and scientific consultations. In addition, Dr. Mark W. Feinberg was a specialist in cardiovascular medicine at Brigham Hospital until today. And the most exciting thing is that Mark W. Feinberg works at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute as an associate professor and adjunct professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS). After all, Dr. Feinberg is certified by the Board of Internal Medicine, cardiology, and is considered an honorary member of the American Society for Clinical Research.