BOBA Token Soars Amid Growing Interests in BOBATAMA

BOBA is crazily rocketing by continuing its surge throughout 6 days rally. Now we witness that meme-based tokens are truly strong in demand and rise while NFTs and platform utility tokens usually sink even after they were successful in their launch. Bobatama has come up with a project that could push BOBA token to new highs because of several factors like:cryptocash$ (@DannyPurdue) / Twitter

  • BOBATAMA is a multi-chain ghost wallet that has Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • The token is based on a popular Star Wars character
  • Even sell and buy taxes do not stop metaverse residents neglect the token
  • BOBA has a total supply of one trillion units
  • Web3 and mobile compatible BOBAMASK app
  • Watchlist, portfolio, investment trackers are featured in the app
  • BOBA is available in MetaMask and can be swapped with ETH