Boston Dynamics Could Make Walmart Plus Better Than Amazon Prime. Here is Why

At the age of AI and UX, everything becomes automated to serve the public for the greater good. However, some jobs disappear by opening new rooms for creating new tasks dedicated to humans. Over the last decade, Amazon has destroyed many jobs that were related to sales and marketing. Eventually, its Prime membership offer could also take a significant market share of delivery businesses.

At the same time, another major player in the retail world Walmart makes attempts to offer a similar service, Walmart Plus that could deliver goods within a day. However, to make this service real and systematic the management should come out with an automated organization.

Here comes Boston Dynamics which can aid businesses, governments, and armies with AI-backed robots. As we all know its products have been performing well in complicated conditions and situations. To deliver goods for them could be easier than military tasks in uncertain terrains and weather.

Applying these high tech robots in delivery exploitation will kill some jobs but can save a lot of time and slowly beat Amazon with faster delivery.