BTCS Announces New Bividend Plan To Introduce Bitcoin To The Mainstream

On January 5, BTCS, a blockchain company, announced that it would start paying a cryptocurrency-based dividend on Nasdaq. The company, which is called Bividend, became the first Nasdaq-listed company to issue a cryptocurrency-based dividend. The company has also labeled this offer as the bividend. BTCS will pay $0.05 of the bitcoin dividend to all the shareholders. The CEO also noted that the holders may also receive cash instead if they wish so. The market is fully ready for this kind of offer, as evidenced by the recent rise of Bitcoin. Its popularity has also caught the attention of politicians like New York City Mayor Eric Adams.


Despite the hype surrounding Bitcoin, many individuals are not as enthusiastic as others about cryptocurrency. Its price has still remained relatively unchanged since the announcement of the Bitcoin dividend. It’s still considering many other payment ideas for the future. Several critics made it clear about the bividend plan, that it’s not yet fully to be trusted. For instance, Johnson noted that buying Bitcoin directly instead of using the stock market to distribute a cryptocurrency-based dividend is a better alternative.

Anthony Gonzales

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