Buffet’s Snowflake (SNOW) trending amid IPO day

One of the most powerful investors of the world Warren Buffet supports the cloud-based data platform Snowflake to make historical IPO during uncertain days of stock markets. Between $75 and $85 initial offering is available for tech-loving traders who may earn the biggest returns within a week upon the debut of SNOW.

Two weeks ago EV maker Xpeng debuted to raise quite a serious sum of funds to finance the development of manufacturing plants in Asia. Snowflake may pour the upcoming funds into AI-based software developments for autonomous apps dedicated to complex projects in various industries.

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The reputation of Warren Buffet has never been strong since the 1980’s and this week traders will witness how Buffet’s influence is working on the IPO of the prominent software developer. The stock may ride over $150 after a maximum of $85 will fade from investors’ screens.

Asan Abdiev

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