By Over 14 Fold Soaring ViaDerma (VDRM) Has Serious Ambitions in Drug Manufacturing

ViaDerma’s (OTC: VDRM) top management has recently mentioned several highlights that happened in 2020 and in a minute its shares started climbing. Those points were very solid to push the traders to buy the shares immediately. So they are as follows;

  • A long time awaited 55ml Vitastem spray’s approval from FDA finally occurred. The company can distribute the spray to multiple hospitals, clinics, and drug stores to provide a soliton for large injuries.
  • As the analgesics market in the U.S is almost $12 billion dollars offering new Liberdol for pain relief purposes has opened a bright opportunity to diversify the revenue soon.
  • The management anticipates 500 000 units of sales in 2021
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These strong points have actually boosted the VDRM to enjoy a 1478% blasting off effect. We expect 2021 will be a year of growth in Viaderma’s overall business and stock as well.

Richard McEntire

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