Byakko: What Is The Purpose Of This Coin?

Byakko jumped to $0.061, up 65% from yesterday’s price. The highest worth was recorded at $0.067 in 24 hours. The trading volume is $2,081,149, although 5 hours ago it was $1.73 million. This project is valued at $6,129,893 and ranked #3106 in the market rating. Byakko was launched only recently, namely, on January 11 of this year. The next day it submitted an application to CoinMarketCap, and after 4 hours appeared on this site. 2 hours after launch, the market cap reached $4 million. Next, followed by registrations on CoinGecko, and PCS.


Byakko is the only token that plans to connect to ETH on a CertiK audited ECC fork and wants to bring something really different and delightful to this realm. The history of this token is as follows: Byakko in Japanese means white tiger, and he wants to establish peace and wealth through the 4 elements of his plan: Auto-Reflection, which provides a passive income opportunity; NFT Collection, designed to create armies, weapons, and collect artifacts in order to establish peace; NFT Staking, you can collect and unlock rewards; Play-2-Earn Game, an opportunity to get unusual treasures.