California’s SUTIMCo (SUTI) Rockets 633.33% Amid Still Emerging Tech Startups

There are many startups claiming to be profitable and reliable for the long term. Not a few companies absorbed them and frustrated after realizing they bought the wrong businesses that were sparkling during the presentation. Spending millions on new startups Yahoo got shrunk and even now regrets not buying Google out at the end of the 1990s.

SUTIMCo (OTC: SUTI) looks very promising to investors who have high-tech addiction. Acquiring new enterprises may show the company very prospective to stock traders but until those newly bought businesses get profitable the shareholders need to let the company burn a lot of cash. So, SUTI is still good for gamblers as well to get more than 600% returns.

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$0.0022 is a very nice price for newbies who also like SUTI’s EPS of 2.4660. Right now the majority of stocks in national exchanges are struggling to reach positive EPS. SUTI can be the right stock to risk not much money in the beginning. Spending $1000 isn’t so big as compared to TSLA shareholders spent on average $3000 to get serious returns.

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