Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Multiplayer Has a Metal Cover Shield. Perfect Tool For Flashbang And Grenade

The recent release of COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer could be a replacement for Battlefield 5 and CS: GO if you are in love with its realistic graphics. Youtuber theRadBrad received gameplay from the developer Activision. On the 25th of October 2019, the game will be released. Graphics are seemed good, probably they played using high-end GPUs. The good thing is aiming takes few milliseconds to spot the enemy. Running is not fast but has enough speed to escape.

Metallic Shield Is Amazing Cover Tool

When enemies are too many there is one option that can help you recover and frequently shoot by covering half of your body. My strong advice: use it for throwing flashbang or grenade. Thus you save a lot of seconds to shoot more enemies. I would suggest the developer to add throwing the shield ability just like Crysis series have.

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The previous version had similar weapons, so I could not see new weapons at all. But they are lethal and hardcore in killing opponents. Nice! the shotgun is a sweet revenge taker of mine. I see it is available. You did it, Activision! Full body contact I could not see but stabbing a tactical knife is incredible when you get attacked. Graphics show real-life footage alike situation. OMG, I must play this game. Side walking ane shooting gave me a fantastic tip to encounter my future virtual enemies.


I didn’t hear real man’s voice on gameplay. But virtual voices were repetitive as someone was ordering or informing the team. Numbers from 1 to 9 could probably be used for communications, it is just my assumption. People will talk to each other by mic, of course.

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In the gameplay video, I am not able to see a different map. Maybe, the game has similar maps that could not be easily distinguished. In playing in one map is boring, for sure, Activision will create several maps for exciting multiplayer COD world.

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