Can FITFI Beat GMT and GST In Price After Launching Step App?

Stepn has closed its registration for new users through limited activation codes as its developers can’t catch up with millions of newcomers.

Its potential competitor Step App isn’t sleeping but actively working on inviting as many users as possible by offering cheaper NFT shoes that will earn pretty decent FITFI tokens a day.

It is still unknown when the Step App will be available for signing up globally. Certain users are taking part in improving the app while FITFI has been surging 26% today. GMT and GST tokens are fluctuating between $3 and $6. They do not have long-term holders as Stepn users need to cash out regularly.

If Step App doesn’t make the same Stepn’s mistake with signups its FITFI token will surely prevail GMT and GST in just a few days after the expected official launch. Anyway, from FITFI you cant make quick money as it is traded in many exchanges. In there is new gaming crypto which is called ZEUM coming to blow the exchange. If you love to make fast USDT tokens just sign up at to get 10x returns. Before investing in ZEUM do your own research. However, it is destined to soar soon.