Can Lenovo Offer Flagship Smartphones?

For a couple of weeks, smartphone enthusiasts were so curious to know about forgotten Lenovo flagship smartphones which were popular in late 2016. Most users remember the P and K series with a minimum of 3500 mAh batteries that could last longer than Samsung flagship smartphones. After acquiring Motorola they stopped focusing on the development of their own smartphones. Motorola phones quickly found consumers’ attention in the West. Most probably of the brand’s popularity that could stay in their memories of the early 2000s. Being a strong player in the laptop industry brought a solid financial capability to fund the smartphone category under the name of  Motorola. Success paved their way to restore Lenovo phones’ lives globally. Now the Chinese market is testing Lenovo phones. If sales go up, for sure they will go overseas offering their phones with low prices to beat the tough competition with a saturated market of Europe and West. In U.S.A Motorola is getting attention in budget-oriented markets with end user based requirements.

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In China, Lenovo Z6 is just announced. A price tag of $276 claims the mid-range position and front design of Moto Z4 along with the triple camera at the back remind the flagship design. Today, Lenovo could offer the mid-range phone. Consequently, they may find ways to build one of the powerful smartphones in the globe.

If they produce quality laptops, why not to use the advantage of the smartphone market? They might find a specific segment. Like Samsung thrives to take big market share in laptops market by offering a new model such as Notebook.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor

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