Can Mullen Launch Metaverse Project To Support Its EV Ambitions?

Any program linked to metaverse is likely to boom if it has a real foundation or dedicated team that works hard in building a strong community, solid ecosystem, smooth transactions, an anti-whale security system, and so on. Even selling properties through NFT collections is becoming real. Why not EV makers do it to fund their futuristic plans to come true faster than anticipated periods.

Mullen could offer coins and NFTs

Metaverse is open to anyone who has value-adding projects to encourage crowds to contribute to any program: saving the planet, fighting poverty, selling properties, and many more. Mullen is now in the right time to build its own metaverse projects to aid its existing models’ mass production. There is no extra cash when you have many gaps to inject funds into your ambitious plans. Mullen’s marketing, IT, and finance executives could just launch offering tokens, NFTs, and games by using Solana’s, Binance’s, or Ethereum’s ecosystems. No need to ask for loans from greedy banks or sell more common shares while metaverse is widely accepting anyone’s ideas.