Can Ryzen 7 3800X Match Core i7 9700K In Gaming, Productivity, Encoding, Transcoding and Compression Tests?

There are many factors that can change the behavior of frame rates. In testing i9-9900KS vs. Ryzen 7 3800X, Intel got superiority in a single-core test. However, AMD still stood as a winner in the multi-core competition as they always thrive to add more cores in each Ryzen chipset. Benchmark PC Tech YouTube channel posted a video that unveils 15 benchmark tests comparing Ryzen 7 3800x and Core i7 9700k. Test setup includes ASUS AMD X570 ATX Gaming Motherboard, GPUs; GTX 1080, GTX 1080 Ti, RTX 2080 Ti, and Ballistix Elite 16 GB DDR4 RAM.

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In Metro Exodus and Battlefield 5, Ryzen 7 3800X is weaker by losing almost 10 FPS for each test. In other games, both processors are roughly matching each other by having little differences in frame rates. Apparently, in encoding, transcoding, encryption, and compression, R7 3800x has an upper hand by showing significant dominance over i7 9700k in frame rates and frame time. There are many factors that could change the results of the tests. Therefore, relying on one user benchmarks is not enough to prove a victory of any hardware.

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AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Intel Core i7 9700K
ASUS AMD X570 ATX Gaming Motherboard
GTX 1080
GTX 1080 Ti
RTX 2080 Ti
Ballistix Elite 16 GB DDR4 RAM

Source: Benchmark PC Tech

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