Can Terra (LUNA) Reach $1 Mark?

Terra is doing anything to restore its past value by tweeting, posting on blogs, gathering as many followers on Telegram and Discord, and many others. It is even trying to migrate and upgrade its chain but no obvious jump is seen in its price yet.

There is a clear way to fix the Terra price if we stick with the opinion of Max Maher, a YouTuber with nearly one million subscribers. He says Do Kwon can do a lot more to fix TerraUSD by using $1.5 Billion BTC from the reserve. Terra developers can just pump TerraUSD from the current $0.1732 to $1 by stabilizing and fixing the price for the long term. But Kwon is doing the least thing which is only distributing newly created LUNA coins. After recovering TerraUSD, LUNA will have a solid reason to rocket to the $1 mark at least.

Right now the LUNA’s supply is 100 times greater than it was two weeks ago. On Twitter, some LUNA holders are throwing away as many LUNAs as possible. Most likely they have a mutual plan with Do Kwon.

After distributing trillions of LUNAs Do Kwon may start burning them to erase all three zeros like SHIB’s team is currently doing it.

Let’s assume you bought one million Terra for $241.38 now. If LUNA manages to reach $1 you will become a millionaire but when? Time will show.

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