Can Xeriant (XERI) Make You a Millionaire by 2025?

Except for SpaceX and NASA there are plenty of aerospace corporations with intriguing visions. Not all of them have penny values unlike Xeriant (OTC: XERI) trading at $0.1099 at the time of writing.

Xeriant is still having negative EPS even though it has entered into this business many years ago. Its revenue-generating process is based on contracts and regular cash flow from internal operations is not expected here.

Currently, Xeriant is impatiently waiting for marketing its eco-friendly Retacell which had been tested for the pre-certification process. If the product enters the global market of automotive interiors, home furnishing and aircraft cabins XERI may gradually grow.

Buying the stock could make over 1000x returns for you in the next three years if you spend the funds that you will not regret in case of losing. Perhaps, $1000 is the right amount to invest.