Capri Reports 2021 Net Income Of 322 Million Dollars

Today, Capri Holdings, the Company that owns Michael Kors and other luxury brands posted better-than-expected quarterly earnings and upped its profit projection. After the announcement, its stock market is shooting up to $71.00 by composing 15% profit in one day. At the same time, its previous close was at $61.49, giving the market cap approximately 9 billion dollars. The results surpassed analysts’ expectations, with a 322 million dollars net income which is increased by 80% from 179 million dollars.

Therefore, the Company’s revenue noticeably increased by 23%, making up 1.6 billion dollars from its previous quarter of 1.3 billion dollars. In the face of rising transportation and manufacturing costs, the increased pricing aided the Company’s profit margins. Michael Kors’ revenue increased by 20% to 1.2B dollars, with 335M dollars in operating profitability, and Versace’s revenue grew by 29% to $251 million, with a $32 million operating profit. Capri also forecasted fiscal 2023 revenue of roughly $6.1 billion, which was more than analysts’ estimates of $5.97 billion, and profit of $6.60 per share.