Cardano Is About To Be Listed On Bitstamp

Cardano is a platform that provides all the necessary tools for those who create multiple opportunities and reallocate powers. Developers are fully responsible for security, scalability, and reliability, thanks to which the platform protects a lot of data, is able to adapt to any large system and supports major changes. Its service token, ADA, is named after the first programmer, Ada Lovelace. Its worth is $ 1.87, which is 9% more than yesterday’s price. This growth has brought the market cap to $62,665,087,272.93, making it the 6th biggest crypto.

Cardano (ADA) - большая капитализация, но маленький курс, разбираемся.Today Cardano has delighted its community with good news. One of the largest and oldest crypto exchanges, Bitstamp, is ready to accept ADA. From November 23rd, withdrawals and deposits will be available, transactions will also be executed the next day, and when the necessary liquidity is collected, any purchases with cards will be allowed. The second news is Cardano wallet Daedalus has been updated to 4.5.0. In this version, the voting screen has been greatly improved by providing registration to #ProjectCatalyst. Furthermore, when the pool becomes oversaturated, the wallet will warn you. This wallet downloads a copy of the blockchain and verifies all transactions, thereby ensuring the security