Cardano (ADA) Starts Gaining Momentum: Is Bullish Trend Coming?

From $0.86 Cardano has started surging to the current $0.9108 mark by trading $1.15 billion worth of volume. Crypto watchers have been very sad since Cardano kept plunging in September 2021. The coin has tried so many times to pop in November 2021 but speculation took over its climbing efforts.

What can push Cardano to recover? On March 1 of this year Project Catalyst, a turbo-charged engine for Cardano has launched Fund8, the latest decentralized fund catalyst that will control $16m in ADA. Such kind of new Defi innovations may push ADA to new highs again.

If we look at Cardano’s 7 days trading chart the coin is slowly surging on a little bullish trend. This scenario may continue unless good news will not come from the Cardano newsletter.

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