CashPro Forecasting From Bank Of America Is Available To Clients

Today, Bank of America’s stock market shows a negative sign of 1.89% to $48.13. However, on January 13, the company has announced a new app for the bank called Cash Pro Forecasting. CashPro Forecasting performs the functions of more accurate forecasting of future cash positions on customer accounts at Bank of America and other cash positions. In short, this is an artificial intelligence technology. Bank of America is a leader in treasury and transaction services, and the CashPro forecasting program is the latest creation for the bank. Also, the company, on January 19, will publish its fourth-quarter earnings before markets open.

Bank Of America

In other news, Alkesh Shah, an analyst at Bank, believes that Solana can largely take the place of Ethereum and begin to play the same role among digital assets as Visa in the world of cryptocurrencies, the classical financial system. Shah believes that Ethereum can retain its role in the niche of large-volume transactions, but this project has weak competitive advantages in other market segments.