Catasys Rises Amid Q2 2020 Revenue Grew 124% YoY

After positive news from announcing Q2 2020 financial results, Catasys (NASDAQ: OTRK) jumps 44% on surging 2.8 million shares. Obviously, the COVID-19 outbreak caused the rising revenue of Catasys that can remotely serve its patients as well.

Without having a program to develop COVID-19 vaccine OTRK manages to earn significant funds both internally and externally. Long term investors should have observed Catasys while analyzing reliable stocks by watching their movements since mid of March.

Thanks to AI-enabled tech of Catasys in aiding the patients. Exactly, this strategic element serves as the leaning point of Catasys’ healthcare system. Eventually, the company may show earnings after getting enough revenue by offering optimized service.