Celestial (CELT) Pops 3%: What’s Next?

If you look at the crypto chart of CELT for the last 24-hours, the curvy line goes downwards for one hour, however, the left time goes downwards from $0.058033 to $0.059916, which is a 3% gain respectively. The crypto’s 24 Hour Trading Vol equals $2,344,085 with a Market Dominance of 0.0%. Moreover, the coin’s highest peak for the last week was $0.063104 when the lowest was $0.04898126. Lastly, the Total Supply of crypto is 5,000,000,000. Moreover, the coin’s highest price for the whole time was at 0.063104, which was one day ago.

Celestial is a Star Wars-themed game set in the metaverse. In the Celestial world, players can join the alliance, develop and expand colonies, build space warships, collect minerals, explore planets, and eventually fight other players and wage cross-chain wars. Angry Birds founder Peter Vesterbacka is a senior consultant on the project.