Cellframe (CELL) Crashes 37% Today: A Risky Investment?

The Cellframe network is a layer-1 network that allows for safe cross-chain transfers. In the last 24 hours, Cellframe (CELL) tokens are significantly plunged from $1.28 to almost $0.80603, resulting in a 37% loss. Currently, it is trading at the price of $0.845382 with a $19,533,320 market cap.

Moreover, Cellframe services can be used by the host machine’s computing power, bandwidth, and hard disk space. A Cellframe service does not have an owner address, as it is allocated between various providers. Its cash flow is distributed between all the parties involved, and no one is required to have a private key. Cellframe Cells can serve as a second-layer solution for public chains, connecting users to more complex public blockchains. 

April Sanchez

Business and Tech Reporter