Centurion (CENT) Drops 5.1%: What Should You Know About New Token?

If we take a look at the chart for the last day, we can see the very high volatility of the token despite the small difference between the prices. For instance, the highest price was $0.0000000000013 while the lowest one was $0.0000000000006. The trading volume of this innovation is more than $1,209,669. There are no tokens, for now, however, the total supply exceeds 1000 Quadrillion. If you are interested in selling or buying the CENT, in this case, the Uniswap exchange is the one that deserves your attention.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin all higher early Thursday morning | Fox BusinessThis is fresh crypto which was launched in September 2021. The main goal of the Centurion is to provide education with the help of NFT and blockchain technology. Its future utilities will involve the Codex Romanum which is considered as the educational database and which is focused on the history of Roman and Latin. The partnership and joint work with the professional historian will be awaited to result in a very quilty job. 

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