Cerus (CERS) Stock Drops 6.4% Over The Last 5 Days: Will You Bet $5 On This Stock?

When Ray Dalio makes a bold move, Wall Street follows him. He is the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, which is known as Bridgewater Associates. The stock is dipping over the last 5 days. The stock was trading at $6.23 on August 10, then it was dropping smoothly until today, going down from the price of $6.37 to $5.96, marking a 6.4% decrease.
Cerus Corporation is a biomedical company that’s developing a new blood-safety system called INTERCEPT. The system will help improve the safety of blood products used by the medical industry. With the CMS approval, Cerus received permanent Level II codes for its products, which are used for the treatment of plasma and immunological diseases.

Cerus narrowed its Q2 loss to 9 cents a share, better than the 8-cent loss expected by analysts. Its revenue grew 32% year-over-year to $31.5 million. In Q2, hedge fund manager Ray Dalio took a new position in Cerus (CERS). He bought almost 200,000 shares at a price of $3.75. According to Folkes’ colleagues, CERS is well-placed to deliver strong returns over the next couple of years. The stock has a 12-month target price of $8.75.

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