Cerus (CERS) Stock Is Gaining Momentum By Achieving 23%. Is It A Good Chance To Invest?

The stock of Cerus Corporation is progressively reaching the top. On July 29, the trade was closed at $5.05, and until August 03, it remained stable, which is also composed at $5.05. yesterday the stock gained momentum by achieving 23%. At the moment of writing, the value is increasing well and open at $6.18.

Cerus Corporation has announced the appointment of Ann Lucena, CEO of the San Ramon Regional Medical Center, to its Board of Directors. SRRMC, a 123-bed emergency hospital in the East Bay area, is part of a joint venture involving Tenet Healthcare. She is also the board chairman overseeing the joint venture between John Muir Health and the San Ramon Regional Medical Center.

The company develops and supplies crucial technologies and blood components protected from pathogens to blood centers, hospitals, and, ultimately, to patients who rely on safe blood. The blood interception system for platelets and plasma is available worldwide and remains the only pathogen reduction system with CE marking and FDA approval for these two blood components.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor