ChainX Token Drops: What’s Your Next Step?

During the last 24 hours of trading, the token was fluctuating with the high volatility and resulted in the decline of more than 4.2% with a trading volume of $1,351,993. ChainX is considered the first project which was launched on the Polkadot ecosystem.

The main goal of this innovation is to research the Bitcoin layer 2 expansion, digital assets gateway, and the second layer chain which belongs to Polkadot in order to make the realization of the exchange of assets throughout the chain which is resulting in the new direction of Bitcoin, in Cross-DeFi.

ChainX Guide $PCX: Inter-Chain Hub for Digital Assets - Asia Crypto TodayThis crypto combines and manages different kinds of functions such as hybrid PoS consensus, on-chain council governance, WASM virtual machine, native execution of smart contracts, efficient light-client protocol, off-chain workers, and multi-signatures. The architecture system of the ChainX is totally compatible with the Polkadot. Additionally, there are no coins for now, but the total supply is already 21 million. The most active exchange to obtain or sell PCX is the KuCoin.