Cheapest surging biotech stock to invest: Enzolytics (ENZC)

In NYSE and NASDAQ, it is obviously impossible to find stocks offered under $0.01 as their regulations do not allow any company to trade for penny value. Therefore, the majority of penny stock loving investors are also buying shares from OTC markets where they may find any cheapest shares like Enzolytics (ENZC) has now.

Biotech stocks normally grow depending on news updates from their media after thorough approval of top management to avoid lawsuits against them from law-abiding investors. In ENZC’s case giving updates on organizational affairs could lift up the share value by more than tenfold as no strict regulation exists to stop the stock soar high as it tends.

Since mid-September, the stock makes loud noises in news headlines along with RLFTF, CYDY, DECN, and LKNCY. Many short term traders have made fivefold returns by waiting until October 6 when there was a peak price. Due to volatility ENZC is trying to soar even further despite the gambling methods of some speculative traders.

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Alex Krakowsky

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