Chipotle Mexican Grill Stock Up $20 In Last 24 Hours: Good Recovery Program?

The stock is trading at the value of $1,843.83, accounting for a 1.14% jump in the market. It reached the highest value on September 21 with the value of 1,944.00, since that day stock continues to decline. Overall, the company’s loss during the last month is equal to $91.21. Experts agree that now Chipotle Mexican Grill has a good recovery program. Currently, the chain of Mexican cuisine restaurants experiences a good demand in the market, because of post coronavirus openings in public places.

Prices are currently about 10% higher, which contains an overall 17% increase in goods for delivery. The company also changed its menu and added new dishes, which increased sales by 6.7%. Also, the director of the company announced a reduction in the most popular dish on the menu, quesadilla. He believes that such a policy will help the company to increase customers.