Chrono Tech (TIME) Tokens To Participate in Today’s IDO

Most of the tokens have been used for arts, games, exchange, storage. Not many developers came out with a service that facilitates a human resource solution. Every organization has an HR department that plays a crucial role in business operations. Chrono Tech is a pioneer in sustaining blockchain-based solutions for recruitment, HR, and payment processes, reducing the barriers to accessing work and transferring funds securely in the global labor marketplace. On TIME token will be available in twenty hours. Fortunately, USDT can be used to buy the new token. Its price is so high as only professionals may understand its true | What is Human Resource Management?

On the 27th of January, Chrono Tech could raise $30 million in funds. The team said, “ is thrilled to announce it has attracted a total of $30 million in investment, with participants in the funding round including well-known Australian venture capitalist Mark Carnegie and a major European Family Office. The funds invested in will be used for scaling and developing the suite of services the company offers in the HR and crypto payroll sectors, as well as its latest solutions for workforce management. Over the past five years, Chrono has released and refined a range of tailored products that assist companies in setting up convenient payment gateways for cryptocurrencies, and help them find freelancers willing to accept digital currencies as a means of payment. The new functionality will now be developed to allow global users to access these services more effectively, and make interactions across Chrono’s products easier and safer.”