Citius Pharmaceuticals Appoints PhD As Vice President Of CMC

The monthly chart shows that the stock of Citius was valued at $2,21 on October 15, up 15% from its current price. The worth has been falling without any temporary rallies since October 15. Now it’s trading at $ 1,87. Citius Pharmaceuticals is a healthcare company that focuses on the fight against infectious and oncological diseases. It develops four products: Mino-Lok, which fixes antibiotics. Mino-Wrap, designed to prevent infections after surgery; Halo-Lido, anti-inflammatory for hemorrhoid sufferers; NoveCite, stem cell therapy for acute respiratory diseases.

20160222063532 shutterstock 128540396Considering all the achievements, 20 years of experience, merit, and skills of Kelly Creighton, Citius Pharmaceuticals has decided to appoint him as its Prime Minister of CMC. He was an advisor on the development of one of Citius’s patented drugs, but before his appointment, he briefly worked at Clinipace Worldwide as Vice President of Regulatory & Strategic Development. The list of his accomplishments is complemented by the approval of 20 of Kelly’s 50 new drug research applications and 20 products for which Kelly has prepared applications for ANDAs and BLAs. Citius truly believes that Mr. Creighton, through his leadership skills and strategic thinking, will make a distinctive and meaningful contribution to the development of the company.