Co-Founder Of Axie Infinity Is Now A Partner Of 1kx

Axie is a P2E game, partially player-driven. The point of the game is to fight enemies by controlling ferocious creatures that have their own unusual strengths depending on their genes. To manage the Axie Universe, there is the AXS token. You can get it by playing games, after purchasing you will have the opportunity to win awards and shape the future of the eco-system. This token is currently trading at one of the highest prices in its entire existence at $ 148.13. In the last 24 hours, the worth dropped to $ 137.99, after which it recovered.

What is Axie Infinity, and what's behind its price surge? — QuartzJeffrey Zirlin, the co-founder of the aforementioned game, has joined as an affiliate with 1kx, a foundation that helps creators to build token networks. His responsibilities will include investment strategy management. Jeffrey is the best developer and leader in the crypto world, according to 1kx. And the management made it clear that they are very happy to work with him. Sky Mavis, co-founded by Jeffrey Zirlin, is valued at $ 3 billion. In addition, its game Axie achieved overwhelming success as the number of users reached 900,000, and at the end of October, the game’s volume was just over $ 8 million.