Code Vein on GTX 1660 Ti, Core i5 9400F FPS Test at 1080p/1440p/4k

The awesome game should be full of adventure and Code Vein has things beyond that. Attacking monsters gives excitement unless your PC hardware is weak. One of the most popular NVIDIA GPU – GTX 1660 Ti is tested by Santiago Santiago channel on Youtube with Core i5 9400F at three main 1080p, 1440p and 4k resolutions. They preferred the latest game of 2019.  For playing at the epic mood you must test the hardware first. Let’s see how high is the frame rate of the system.


GPU keeps 59 degrees in Celcius and low 51 degrees appear in CPU with 6 threads at 1080p. A higher resolution of 1440p delivers the same 51 degrees for the CPU but higher 62 degrees come to the GPU. 4K is ruthless to the hardware by heating both GPU and CPU stronger than 1440p. GPU heats up to 62 degrees and 46 degrees heat the CPU at the unfriendly 4k.

Frame time

The lower the better. The lowest 1080p for sure delivers the lowest 9.3ms on average. 1440p allows average 10.8ms to appear on the screen. Very rude 4k only permits 14.3ms frame time. Killing the enemy will not bring joy while 4k is set for gaming. 1440p is a perfect choice for now. 4k can be played on RTX 2080 Ti only. Very soon mid-range GPUs will have a capability to show the lowest frame time.

Frame Rate

Higher the frame rate the better performance. GTX 1660 Ti and Core i5 9400F are very good pair at 1440p with average 95 FPS. Very gentle 1080p gives higher average FPS of 106. However, dumping 4k still wants to tank the GPU with CPU. The lowest average FPS of 84 appears at 4k. But you still can enjoy the Japanese based game with beautiful heroes.