CoinBase Wallet Lists FaraLand Through Binance Smart Chain

Western and European crypto wallets are always late in adding new tokens and coins as local regulations are becoming strict day by day. Therefore Faraland, an RPG NFT game has been added to Coinbase Wallet via BSC or Binance Smart Chain which supports the majority of tokens available in the world. FARA token is now easy to trade in the U.S and some EU countries.

The game is awesome but needs some NFTs to start. Thanks to Binance, Solana, and Ethereum for taking a huge part in developing metaverse and causing hundreds of tokens to emerge through their chains.

FARA token is currently facing stagnation. On July 27 2021 it surpassed the $5.00 mark in a week. Due to the crypto market burst, most of the NFTs having tokens are plunging but GameFi and Defi fans are still enjoying what they have.