Comfy Price Is Being Volatile Due To Initial Launch Process

COMFY is a stablecoin that dynamically adjusts the supply of the coin relative to the price of $ONE. Inspired by the work of Tomb.Finance, Comfy Money was created to provide a stablecoin that can be used to support the Harmony blockchain. Currently, $ONE tokens are incentivized to have their coins verified by validators. This is needed to maintain a strong and secure blockchain. By maintaining the peg, $COMFY will provide a liquid asset to $ONE, allowing more tokens to stay on the blockchain and benefit from the price appreciation of $ONE.


Comfy Money will also be an integral part of the VenomDAO ecosystem. Its holders will be able to participate in the governance of the platform. The initial launch period will have high volatility, which is why it is recommended for investors to avoid buying tokens until the Enjoyment Phase. Due to the limited supply of COMFY during the launch period, investors should start accumulating their tokens during the Genesis Phase.