Compound Accidentally Transfers Its COMP Token Worth $ 162 Million: Is Its CEO Threatening Recipients?

The 24-hour chart shows a 4% decline in price. At midnight, the worth reached its highest price of $335 during this period. Then it had been declining for 10 hours, eventually dropped to $ 311.18. It rallied and remained stable before falling to $ 316.51. It has a trading volume of $234,178,437. Compound Labs accidentally transferred its COMP token worth roughly $ 162 million after it placed an erroneous update to its controller logic on September 29th.

Robert Leschner tweeted, “If you received a large and wrong number of COMP due to a Compound protocol error: please return it to Compound Timelock. Otherwise, it is reported as income to the IRS, and most of you are doxxed.” Hot Hardware said social media users were furious over Leschner’s threat to reveal their identities to the IRS. Many are attracted by decentralized funding due to its perceived privacy benefits; are they now threatened because Compound Labs made a mistake on a core aspect of their platform?