COMSovereign (COMS) Receives Google Certification For IPTV: Its Stock Is Plummeting

This week, COMS’s price has reached its lowest level ever, at $ 1.11. Over the past 5 working days, the worth has plummeted 13%. After the fall, the cost was slowly recovering, however, today the cost has changed its direction. For today it dipped from $1.31 to $1.2. COMSovereign has a volume of 2,913,021 and a market cap of 98.695M.

ComSovereign designs, evolves, and merchandises the best telecommunications solutions and types of equipment for network operators and enterprises worldwide. RF Engineering & Energy Resource, a part of COMSovereign, received “Android TV Operator Tier” certification from Google for the new IPTV appliance. This device allows providers to customize the software experience and support clients. Moreover, it was developed as a hardware decision for another COMSovereign division, Global Telcom. At the moment, the task was set to produce 5,000 pieces of equipment by the end of November, they will go on sale in early December.