Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG.L): What Are The Prospects For The Future?

After the severe drop started with the beginning of the world pandemic, the share prices of the International Consolidated Airlines Group could not recover and reach previous results. If we compare the highest share price before the pandemic and after, the result will be huge. For example, in January 2020 the share price was about 670GBP, a year after it is at only 150 GBP, decreased by 520 GBP. On the 13th of July, it opened at 178.18 GBP and closed at 173.02 GBP, decreasing by 3.98 GBP from the previous close. The EPS is -126.10.

Shareholders of Consolidated Airlines Group are not happy with the share price decline happening over the last three years. Especially in 2020, the company had to cope with restrictions to fly. In the last three years, the company faced a 73% decline in its share price. In last quarter it declined by 16%.

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Since the company was not profitable last year, it is almost impossible to see good results at its earnings per share (EPS). In addition, over the last three years, the revenue of the company decreased by 27% per year. All in all, the company’s future is debatable according to nowadays financial indicators.

Lora Nilsson

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