ContextLogic (WISH) Stock Falls By 4: Your Next Move?

For the last 5 days, the ContextLogic company’s stock has decreased in value moving from $9.8, finally closing the market at $9.4. Such decrease in the worth of stock is explained by the fact that after the site Wish has the demand for its products slowed, fewer users and active buyers used it, and costs rose more than it had expected. The total capitalization of the company for today is making up $6.394B.

Wish works with a lot of companies and facilities to provide comfort payments between sellers and buyers. However, wish doesn’t manage to return the products as their competitor eBay does. Furthermore, the stock of the company remains low comparing to the same period one year ago, trading at $10.55.

In addition, ContextLogic prioritize low-income customers. The survey which was published by the company states that over three-quarters (75%) of ContextLogic customers prioritized the price of an item over brand or delivery time and the average price of an item sold on the Wish platform is less than $20. This method still works for the company, however, the investors are still struggling to figure out the company.

Richard McEntire

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