CoroWare (COWI) Continues to Gain Momentum: What to do Now?

One of the stocks to have made remarkable gains in recent days is that of CoroWare Inc (OTC: COWI) and the pattern continued on Monday. Yesterday, the stock hit $0.0023 a share after having gained as big as 150% on the back of massive millions.

As many as 868 million CoroWare shares were traded yesterday as frenzied trading continued in the stock. The gains on Monday took the total gains over the course of the past three trading sessions to as high as 350%.

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Considering such gains made by the stock in recent days, it might be a good move for investors to take a look at CoroWare a bit more closely. The company is involved in providing customized engineering services to its client. In addition to that, it is also involved in both the hardware and software businesses in North America as well as in Europe. Those are both highly lucrative markets and might explain some of the bullishness among investors.

Michael Rowels

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