Cosmos (ATOM) Pops: Here Is The Advantage Of ATOM Comparing To Others

Cosmos is a network that involves a big number of free, parallel blockchains which are called zones. Every one of these zones is charged by the classical Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus protocols such as Tendermint. Taking a closer look at the architecture, we can notice that it represents the utilizing of the Bitcoin sidechains concept by operating with the common algorithms such c as BFT and Proof-of-Stake instead of Proof-of-Work.

What Is Cosmos (ATOM)? All You Need To Know About It | UseTheBitcoinIf we take a look at the token for the last 24 hours, we can see how it was trading with the pretty high volatility. The market capitalization of ATOM is about $8,968,042,771 meanwhile the trading volume is approximately $626,771,635. For now, there are approximately 280 Million tokens with a total supply of infinity. If you are interested in buying or selling crypto, Osmosis is considered the best exchange. The coin can interact with other several applications and cryptos while the other blockchains can’t do.

Agneta Johansen

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