Cosmos Token Plunges: There Are 1M Transfers On IBC During The Last 30 Days

During the last 24 hours of trading, the token was declining with pretty high volatility. Consequently, it plunges by more than 3.8% with a trading volume of $1,015,163,631. Just recently recorded IBC is demonstrating the activity growth in the Cosmos ecosystem which is positively affecting the native token ATOM by providing it with more value.

The Inter Blockchain Communications Protocol (IBC) notice the sharp popularity in the last time by fixing more than 1 million transfers during the last month.

ATOM Price Analysis: Cosmos (ATOM) Must Fully Break This Zone for A Large Price SurgeThe crypto launched its IBC protocol this year which is providing cross-chain communication, and for now, the enlarging the interoperable blockchain ecosystem is experiencing a time of high activity. The main reason for this tremendous activity is the rise in the number of transfers and transactions of IBC. With the entering BC to the Cosmos hub, there are new opportunities for the blockchain application since the protocol is able to maintain the transfer so the token between the IBC compatible chains.