Costain (COST.L) Shares Gain 0.95% , But Should You Be Worried About The Companie’s Debt ?

The last few years were frustrating for Costain as its shares declined severely. The price is trading 52.9 GBP. This is a 0.5-point change since the prior close at 52.4 GBP. The company’s uppermost point was in April of 2017 when the price reached the mark of 458.35 GBP. On March 30 of 2020, the value dropped to 32.61 GBP. It is possible that the company might enter the stagnation period with the current condition of the stock. With negative EPS of -36.7, the firm is not profiting. Costain Group’s debt was £46.8 million at the end of December 2020, down from £116.0 million a year earlier. However, its balance sheet shows that it has the UK£150.9 million in cash, implying that it has £104.1 million in net cash. The company has £10.6 million more liquid assets than total liabilities of £266.3M.

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Costain Group’s short-term liquidity indicates that it may easily pay down its debt because its balance sheet is not strained. The fact that Costain Group has more cash on hand than debt indicates that it can comfortably handle its debt.

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