Costco (COST) Adds 225 Points In a Year: Is It “Hold and Keep Buying” Stock?

While online retailers and even wholesalers are competing tirelessly Costco has managed to grow quietly without having a single competitor.

It was doing everything opposite when the crowds were applying modern means of marketing. That’s why within 12 months Nasdaq: COST grew 62.39% silently by having a steep fall in January only. So what kind of future is Costco preparing for the shareholders?

COST stock might reach $1000 value in two years

Looking at the smart strategy of Costco one may ask: “Will its strategy work for upcoming years?”. When big giants like Walmart and Amazon are spending billions on marketing, Costco doesn’t spend even a million on advertising. It is just letting all the online resellers and drop shippers come to its chains and buy as many goods as they afford.

Then Amazon and eBay do the rest of the job. So simple customer base could let Costco not only survive but prosper during the lockdowns. Eventually, COST shares have managed to jump dramatically in 2020.

This year it seems to grow higher and may break record high ceilings like $600, $700, or even $800. For sure, it can surge to $1000 in 24 months with a bit of volatility. Costco is growing in EPS too by beating expected earnings in every quarter. You may also receive dividends and enjoy climbing stock prices if you already bought COST shares and keep buying when you have additional cash.

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