Could Advent (ADN) Sign a Contract With Ford or GM in Technology Assessment, Sales and Development?

For the last three decades, the American auto market has been flooded by foreign car brands like Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, and many others. They could win the auto market when people were trying to save more money on fuel. Native brands like Ford, GM, Lincoln, and Dodge have kept producing their excessive fuel-consuming vehicles and eventually lost a big share in the market.

Just today Korean Hyundai just signed a historical agreement with a local fuel cell systems developer and manufacturer Advent Technologies (Nasdaq: ADN) in tech assessment, sales, and development.

Hyundai is making a significant deal today surely to win other counterparts in the West. Obviously, Kia and Hyundai have been expanding throughout the last ten years aggressively in all corners of the world. Advent is going to share with Hyundai a breakthrough tech in fuel cell systems so that nobody could compete with the Korean car manufacturer in the next coming years.

ADN stock will skyrocket again if GM and Ford come next

Today ADN shares are blowing the market by blasting off 98% on the recent agreement. Just imagine if Advent has other car brands like Ford, GM, or Daimler planning to sign the same deal? For sure, ADN is going to blow the market again. If you think this may happen just buy some ADN shares and wait for the possible contract.

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