Could Amazon Accept SHIB As Payment In Exchange For Properties in Its Metaverse?

As Shiba Inu explodes in news headlines after announcing several achievements big tech giants could take a colossal advantage of its permanently burning SHIB tokens. Soon they might cost a thousand times higher. The crypto market is crazy for its emotion-based actions toward meme tokens while they add no value. We remember DogeCoin was hyped due to Musk’s tweets. Then Shiba Inu came out with no person who would be responsible for selling the trillions of tokens.

Right now Shiba Inu is fully supported by the community while DogeCoin is getting Twitter aid from Elon Musk to hold its current position in CMC and CG. Shiba Inu could transform itself from meme to metaverse token. Perhaps its community will build Shiba Inu chain technology in upcoming years to beat DogeCoin in market cap.

Looking at multibillion daily transactions of giant online retailer Amazon ordinary customers may think of integrating the hyping SHIB tokens on the Amazon payment system via connecting ShibaSwap. Shiba Inu’s metaverse will surely have liquid lands and other properties to invest in. Amazon may receive a multibillion worth of assets from the most liquid token of today. If Elon Musk supports DogeCoin why not Jeff Bezos help Shiba Inu rocket further?!

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