Could Amazon FBA Sellers Survive Without Alibaba?

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) option of selling lets many businesses abandon their warehouses and give so much control to Amazon in handling the delivery part. As a result, Amazon Prime emerged by tanking so many delivery businesses like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and many more.

Most entrepreneurs do not even participate physically in picking products to sell on Amazon’s marketplace due to facilitating Alibaba which aids manufacturer and wholesaler to make instant sale contracts on its platform.

Today’s trade war between the U.S and China may lead to banning the Alibaba platform for the American public. FBA sellers would face significant issues in getting new orders from trusted sellers as there would be no platform temporarily. Prices on Amazon may soar instantly and competitors could win new customers.

China’s factories and plants would be left without funds while neighboring Indo-China, India and Southeast Asian countries might enjoy arriving investments to build manufacturing assets. Shortly their cheap and quality goods may conquer the West.

Alex Krakowsky

Editor in Chief.Living in the era of dynamic tech change Alex decided to stay tuned in changes that make any person find comfort and adapt to new devices. Furthermore, gaming became his passion for spending leisure time with his close ones. Although, he has a degree in Business Administration (majoring in Finance) writing for technology and as well as finance has been one of the precious aspects of his life