Could AMD Acquire Arm To Beat NVIDIA in Chip Manufacturing?

There are so many rumors going on about tense competition between AMD and NVIDIA in the field of making chips for mainstream graphic cards that are destined to serve crypto miners and gamers. A Japanese-owned Arm is an actual tool to make one of the players become more powerful and eventually beat the weak one. So, two American chipmakers are always ready to buy any smaller manufacturer to strengthen their own internal weak points.

The Softbank’s attempt to sell its subsidiary Arm was a gesture to pour some fire-making liquid into the hot territory of electronics-related battle. Why can’t AMD try the same deal with Softbank while it is ready to make some cash from its effectively built business infrastructure like Arm?

To please Japanese company AMD should have a lot of cash and negotiating skills in terms and conditions of the deal. Maybe NVIDIA has made some mistakes to push the “red button” of Softbank. If AMD succeeded in buying Arm, in the next years NVIDIA would acquire other chipmakers to stay alert and upgraded for any competition. Thus, more tech breakthroughs could occur out of the fierce fight between two giant semiconductor manufacturers.