Could Cyngn’s DriveMod-Kit Improve Tesla Autonomous Driving?

When stocks turned red today only a few stocks kept growing. Among them, Cyngn and Tesla were doing really great. First stock could rocket by doubling the value to over $2.12 amid officially launching already in February 2022 patented DriveMod-Kit, an autonomous software that is developed to work in any industry. The second one moved up due to several fan-based news in YT mostly but its cars are still in need of the perfect autopilot system.

Tesla drivers have faced several accidents and fails while using its proudly applauded autopilot. Perhaps the EV maker should partner with small-cap software developers with an autonomous driving division. What if Tesla offers a long-term partnership with Cyngn (NASDAQ: CYN) with a clear intention to improve its autopilot program? Of course, CYN will skyrocket for a week maybe. In a couple of years or even months, Tesla might have improved autonomous driving that will not fail by appearing in YT.

Tesla’s top executives should look for even startups with the potential in developing any industrial autonomous vehicle to avoid returns and refunds from frustrated customers. Cautiously saying, competitors from overseas may quickly approach Cyngn to apply its much-improved DriveMod-Kit.

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