Could Digital World (DWAC) Acquire Mullen To Boost One Van and Five Crossover Manufacturing?

Expected to be the only truth covering social platform, Trump’s Truth Social app is expected to launch and get support via Digital World’s financials. All of Trump’s companies are privately held entities and have never gone public. Truth Social is going to be Trump’s first asset available to the public. Seeing a hard striving Mullen in the developing and manufacturing stage of its One Van and Five Crossover models one may say why not SPAC help the EV maker to speed up the mass production of its EV.

Mullen needs SPAC like Digital World but keeps silent about it

A lot of resources are still needed to make Five Crossover and One Van available to millions when Nissan, General Motors, Nio, Xpeng, Tesla are already making thousands of units in a week. To meet the high demand Mullen has to fund its manufacturing by buying plants or expanding existing ones and hiring new personnel. This kind of approach will make Mullen a multibillion EV maker but it needs external financing from SPAC. The possible company that could inject funds into Mullen is Digital World (Nasdaq: DWAC). If a merger or acquisition happens to Mullen through Digital World for sure Five Crossover and One Van will flood the market by overthrowing big fuel-consuming SUVs and vans.

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