Could InnerWorkings Make Fisker More Popular Than Rivian, Nikola, Tesla, Nio?

Through decades InnerWorkings (NASDAQ: INWK) has been serving many brands in establishing strong marketing strategies and eventually getting loyal customers. As usual, many companies’ marketing departments alone can’t do anything to win significant market share. Moreover, the product’s design and quality are not enough to make customers love the brand. Therefore, marketing companies like InnerWorkings exist to aid newly entering micro corporations with creative ways to improve brand attractiveness.

Although electric vehicles are on the hype Fisker Ocean’s (SUV) zero-emission engine can’t attract significant customers to satisfy production capacity and revenue. Due to the saturated nature of the automotive market, Fisker should come up with an abnormal strategy to take away SUV drivers from CO2 emitting car manufacturers.

That’s why InnerWorkings could help Fisker in this situation like it served Jaguar Land Rover to reinvent its dealership experience worldwide. Fisker should try anything to be more popular than already established EV making brands as the toughest competition has started with a factor: electric car battery’s cost is shrinking year by year.